Harmony and Modernism: Ink and Brush Innovation

Participating Artists:Na Wei
Exhibition Venue: New Age Gallery / 1F, No. 182, Yifeng East Street, Nantun District, Taichung City
Exhibition Period: 2018.08.11-2018.09.09

In response to Western artistic ideologies, Na Wei highlights the universal value system inherent in Eastern thought. The development of Chinese culture consistently exhibits a core principle of integration, preserving distinct characteristics while diverging significantly from Western dualism. Introducing "Harmonious Integration," its core concept lies in the term "Harmony," which literally implies mutual integration and harmony. Delving deeper into its meaning, the character "He" also serves as a conjunction, indicating parallel relationships. This prompts new inquiries into whom to integrate with, how to achieve diverse integration, and what this process entails.

Harmonious Integration not only refrains from competing with Western artistic frameworks but also aims to enhance them through comprehensive thought. Its introduction is not a fleeting notion but the culmination of Na Wei's persistent refinement and alignment, representing an ongoing pursuit for the future.