Eye&Vision-Permanent Exhibition

Exhibition Title: Eye & Vision - Permanent Exhibition
Participating Artists: Wang Jie, Na Wei, Guan Yong, Yang Lie, Chao Chung Hsiang
Exhibition Venue: New Age Gallery / 1F, No. 182, Yifeng East Street, Nantun District, Taichung City
Exhibition Period: 2024

In the contemporary society, amidst the facade of modernity and the tides of globalization, we often find ourselves lost. However, in this seemingly noisy and busy world, art serves as a vital medium that guides us through the surface, enabling us to explore our inner selves. The "Eye & Vision" art exhibition aims to inspire viewers to perceive the world and understand themselves from diverse perspectives through the unique visions and styles of the artists, helping them avoid getting lost in the superficialities of society.

The core theme of this exhibition revolves around the subjective viewpoints of the artists, reminding the audience that there is a multiplicity and depth in the ways we perceive the world, which should not be confined to mere surface observation and understanding. The symbols and meanings presented in the artworks may not be easily interpreted, but it is this very challenge that stimulates the audience to reflect on and explore their own perspectives.

"Eye & Vision" is not merely an exhibition of art pieces; it is an opportunity to scrutinize and embrace both self and others' viewpoints. The audience will engage in a micro-level analysis of the artistic forms while simultaneously exploring the thematic content on a macro level, thereby inspiring a deeper understanding and awareness of oneself and the external world.

Each artist participating in this exhibition plays an indispensable role, and their works collectively create a rich and diverse artistic landscape. We hope that when visitors leave the exhibition, they do so with a deeper understanding of themselves and a broader vision of the world, ready to embark on their unique life journeys anew.